Whats on the wall in Kristineberg mine?

Nobody could believe what they saw

"Christ will appear three times"

The story of the underground church in Kristineberg holds many mysteries and is well worth a visit.

It was on the 28th November and the year was 1946, as usual the miner Johan Olofsson was working on the 107 meter level. Just before midnight he fired his last detonation and finished his shift. A few hours later around 5 am the next morning Albert Jönsson started his shift and took over where Johan Olofsson had stopped. The dust had settled after the detonation and Albert was surprised by what he saw. On the wall in front of him, a picture of a Christ figure emerged shaped against the darker chlorite quartzite. Albert fetched his colleague who confirmed the sight, it really looked like Christ!

The news spread like wildfire and Norra Västerbotten published the picture in the newspaper. People flocked to Kristinebergsvägen to get down to the 120 meter level and climb 13 meters up on a vertical iron ladder to admire the figure.

The image faded and the room was filled gradually with gravel, but the incident was not forgotten and later on linked with a prophecy that a woman from Vilhelmina had told in the late 19th century. The prophecy read that Christ would show himself and that there was a country where the image of Christ was buried in the bowels of the earth. The prophecy did not say when, but he would show himself three times before Judgment Day. That event in Kristineberg was the first time. The mining town Kristineberg literally translates “christ-in-mountain”, but was actually named after settler Karl Hultdins wife Kristina.

The life in this small community continued  and so did the mine. Until in year 1968 when a marble slab from the Co-op in Kristineberg was reversed and a dark image of Christ on a white background appeared. Christ had appeared a second time apparently…

The ecumenical underground church of St. Anna is located just meters away from the place where the image of Christ appeared, here you can listen to the story, feel the mystery and experience a fantastic atmosphere in Kristineberg.


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