Northern lights, cold and silence

Read about what motivates a dog sledding owner

Eco friendly transport under the moonlight

Donald Eriksson lives in Ekorrsele, a village outside of Lycksele. He and his family runs a restaurant and a dog sledding company. We wanted to hear what motivates him for his job and where his passion comes from?

Hey Donald, what makes dod sledding such a fun thing in the freezing cold?

- The light, the silence and becoming one with the dogs, thats the short version. There are few thins so beautiful as the low shining sun in the cold January and February. The colder the more beautiful in my opinion. When the dogs are crazily eager to start running, barking and making noises and as soon as I loose the brakes, everything goes silent. Chances of seeing wildlife are big since we travel quietly compared to snowmobiling. Black grouses often lift from the trails when we fly by. The evenings and nights are absolutely magic when I can turn of my head torch and ride in the moonlight. You forget all your everyday problems and the relaxation is so calming. If we are really lucky the northern lights can dance around the sky for us. That feeling can't be bought.

There a few other moments in my hectic life I get that feeling.

Do you often bring friends on your trips or is it alway solo?

– Even if the ride is my main attraction it’s always nice with company around the camp fire. Sharing some hot soup or a cup of coffee in the wild opens up for dialogs beyond everyday problems. There a few other moments in my hectic life I get that feeling. I once brought a friend from Israel along on a ride. When we stopped he just stood and looked at the sky for a long time. I could see his breath in the cold air, otherwise he is absolutely still. The only word i hear from him is “amazing”.

Donalds company is named Aurora Borealis and you can book dog sledding all year round.


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