Kayak fishing in Lapland

The story of passionate fishing

Kayak fishing - From fantasy to reality

Why is fishing such a big part of the locals life in Lycksele? Anders Långström is 47 years old and was born and raised in the mountains. Today he lives 15 km outside of Lycksele in the village Knaften. Here he tells us his story about his passion for fishing and hunting.

What does fishing mean to you?

– Fishing is a wide field that holds many different sections. It can either ju be about killing time or planning weeks of fishing. It can be as easy as going down to the lake with your kids of take your friends on a heli-fishing weekend in the mountains. It is a part of my life and something I could not live without. When I see my kids fishing, the look in their eyes when they catch one and runt grandma and grandpa.

Just the thought of the preparations makes me happy!
Foto: Anders Långström

Whats the high light of fishing for you?

– Kayak fishing is the extra spice in my opinion, just the thought of the preparations makes me happy! Just getting out whit your gear, the last noise I hear is the sound of my car boot. Then its just silence.

Can you explain it further?

– To just get the kayak into the water, all gear is with me and I’m missin nothing. Just to glide out into the still water mirror with the sunrise in my face, silence, to be in that silence is just amazing. I think it’s just like being in a dream. Throw after throw I’m just waiting for the fish to bite. I’m always asking questions; Am I to early? Will it happen today? Is that trout out here? Finally I get my answers and the fish is on the hook! The adrenalin is pumping and I’m thinking I can not lose this one. The fight continues and the fish is fighting back, but this time I win. Later I cook my fish over open fire and feel great gratitude. For me these moments are the treasures at the end af the rainbow, says Anders.


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