Arena Älven

Arena älven is the meeting place at Umeälven in Lycksele. On weekends, guests can buy waffles, burgers and sausages. Here, outdoor is the common denominator. Whether you want to ski, lend yourself a kick, skate, walk, grill or drive a snowmobile, there is the opportunity.

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In winter, when the ice settles, wonderful conditions are created for skating, skiing, fishing, snowmobiling, going for walks or a fast-paced kick ride on one of the loan kicks that are placed on the Arena river. Our lakes and rivers, together with the right of public access, give us fantastic opportunities for an active outdoor life. Keep in mind safety when you're on the ice. On Issä you can learn more about how to stay safely on the ice.

Visit Arena älven

Find your way

Find Arena Älven:
Parking with slopes to arena älven can be found at Hotell Lapland, Ansia Resort and Gammplatsen.
Toilets can be found at all facilities during their regular opening hours.
You can also get here by snowmobile, on skis or on why not walk across a plowed ice road that is a link between the city center and the excursion destination Arena älven during the winter months.

Barbecue areas

Around the river you will find several shelters and barbecue areas where you can make a fire or sit down and rest for a while. Firewood is a prerequisite for creating a fire. One tip is to bring your own firewood to the shelters. We refill the wood box at regular intervals during the high season Feb-March.

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Vill du vara med och bidra så kan du Swisha valfritt belopp och märka med Arena Älven. Alla pengar går oavkortat tillbaka till aktiviteter eller inköp av ved, lekutrustning eller dylikt. Tack på förhand.

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