Bocksliden - Ski resort

Bocksliden is a ski resort in Lycksele. It's a perfect family resort with something for everyone. Lycksele IF Alpina has launched a new race track that is of high quality for slalom. In addition to this there are stretches for all types of rides and also rides for children on the dedicated area. Here you can please the whole family. Enjoy the snow and sun at the same time

Grill and enjoy the sun by the slopes

The new high quality slalom slope

Bockslidens ski resort was built in the mid 1960s according to Friluftsfrämjandet.

Bocksliden, the ski resort in Lycksele consists of two lifts and a conveyor belt for children. In Bocksliden there are several slopes in varied terrain. Cold limit -20 degrees in Bocksliden.


Gold of Lapland
Europeiska regionala utvecklingsfonden
Region Västerbotten